granite wuartz countertops

Quartzite is an incredibly durable and naturally occurring metamorphic rock. As sandstone undergoes high temperatures and extreme pressure, it is transformed into quartzite. This metamorphosis process creates a very durable, hard, and strong natural stone which is perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchen counters. The heat creates a unique pattern in the stone, as well. Quartzite pieces tend to re-crystallize during the heating process which lends it a gorgeous, sparkling appearance. Both its durability and its attractive coloring are major attractors for homeowners when considering materials for their countertops.

Quartzite can be found in a variety of colors, as well, making it a highly adaptable material, capable of matching all kinds of home décor. Its natural hues include white and gray, while it can appear pink or red due to the presence of iron oxide. It can be even be found in yellow, blue, green, and orange resulting from the presence of various other minerals. It also tends to have unique patterns of streaks, formed by the pressure phase of its metamorphosis. Its also one of the hardest materials available in home remodeling, harder than both quartz and granite. This, in combination with its heat-resistant properties, make it ideal for countertops.

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