granite kitchen chicago

Granite is an excellent and enduringly popular material for home counters. As a naturally occurring stone, granite offers a timeless beauty unmatched by most other types of counters. Granite can be found in approximately 20 different shades, but each countertop maintains its own individuality as the result of its natural origins. It’s also an extremely durable material, with great scratch-resistant properties. It’s also heat-resistant, making it great for countertops near your stove or cooktop. Unlike marble and other materials, you can generally set down a hot pan on your granite countertop without any risk of damaging it.


A big part of keeping granite countertops in good shape has to do with how well it’s sealed. Granite will almost never stain or take any kind of damage as long as it’s properly sealed. Since granite is porous, its biggest weakness is its tendency to absorb liquids and suffer discoloration. This can be avoided entirely if it is regularly and properly sealed, however, so it is an absolute priority that you take care of this simple maintenance task with your granite countertop. If you can keep it well-sealed, granite can last decades without any problems, making it a great investment.

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