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posted Aug 02 2019

MARBLE COUNTERTOPS: The Best Place To Install Them

Most countertop contractors will suggest that the best place to install marble countertops depends on the role they will play. Generally, marble is a natural stone ideal for bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, offices, and other areas that don’t require extremely durable surfaces.

Marble Countertops Offers Exceptional Aesthetics

Marble countertops are receiving a great demand because of their spectacular beauty. Its elegant look is enhanced with the natural display of the stone’s color. Marble countertops are available in solid black, solid white, as well as yellow, green, rose, gray, black and white spectrums. When it comes to marbles, expect to get a unique design that fits your style.

Marble Counters Are Heat Resistant

One of the best things about marble is that they can withstand extreme heat. For bathrooms, the heat of styling devices won’t mark its surface. Marble is in demand for fireplace surrounds because its color doesn’t change due to heat and it can take even occasional sparks.

Drawbacks of Marble

Marbles are comprised of more porous than granite. For this reason, they easily absorb liquid like oil, wine, juice, and other kinds of spills that are either hard or impossible to remove. If you plan to install marble countertops in your bathroom, be careful with liquid foundations, nail polish, and other things that can stain the surface.

The natural beauty of marbles often makes people overlook these drawbacks. Good thing that sealers are available in the market. You can choose to do it yourself or ask the help of professionals.

Marbles are not that durable to use as kitchen countertops. Sharp knives can scratch the tops and heavy pots can chip the marble or break it off.

If you are planning to install marble countertops to your kitchen, it is best to opt for extra durable natural stones like granite or quartz countertops.


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